Spicy & Tasty

Authentic Szechuan Restaurant in Flushing, New York


  • I really felt like I was back in China eating at a local market. If you want authenticity, here it is.


  • Spicy and Tasty Restaurant in downtown Flushing, Queens, serves Sichuan-style Chinese cooking. It's spicy, it's tasty, and it's consistently good.


  • Spicy Tasty's renditions of the classics—mapo tofu, dry-sautéed green beans, dan dan noodles—really are spicier and tastier than those on offer elsewhere.

    —The New Yorker

  • If the name of the place isn’t a tip-off, then the bright-red, oversize chili pepper positioned atop a glass pedestal inside the vestibule at Spicy & Tasty is.

    —New York Magazine

  • Lives up to its name and then some!


  • Spicy & Tasty takes you to places that less bold Sichuan restaurants don’t.

    —The New York Times

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Spicy & Tasty

39-07 Prince Street, 1H

Flushing, NY 11354

(718) 359-1601


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